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Hello, Dance Fans!

Instead of an e-newsletter this month, I’ve posted 2 new titles on my “articles” page, in conjunction with what we have been working on in class:

Developing Your Own Dance Style

Tips For Beginning Choreography

Anticipating spring, our Friday class will be working on a new choreography, exploring the eastern concepts of dalla & tarab, and working out with veils.  We are also looking forward to the upcoming visit to NY of the highly respected A’isha Azar on April 6 & April 7.  A’isha is an expert on dances of the Arabian Gulf and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. She will be teaching Raqs Samri and Raqs Nejdi Hadith from the Arabian Gulf and Raqs Sharqi.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn Gulf style dance.  I hope to see you there!

Info here: http://www.markbalahadia.com/?p=367

Yours in dance,

Karima Nadira