Exploring the magic world of Middle Eastern Dance!


Classes are ongoing, as per the schedule below. All levels welcome! Enjoy a variety of music from all over the Middle East, as well as cultural information to inform your dance. Explore the infinite movement combinations within this expressive dance vocabulary, and make it yours!

Join us for ZOOM classes for Fall 2022!

Every Monday 6:30 – 8 PM Eastern Time

Every Wednesday 6:30 – 8PM Eastern Time

Please pay by 4PM Eastern Time. Class links sent after payment (see PayPal links below), after 4PM Eastern Time on class days. Subscribers will get same day links after 4PM Eastern Time

Class Description:

All Classes begin with Morocco’s famous 34 minute Warmup, which starts with 5 minutes of initial stretching plus 14 minutes of slow Oriental movement vocabulary, working from the larger outer muscles into the smaller inner muscles.  This is followed by 19 minutes of hip articulations including drops, lifts, infinities, undulations, twists, quivers, shimmies, and more.  This Warmup is key to your body’s absorption of the Oriental technique (the language of the dance)!

After the Warmup, a rotation of material is presented, including themes such as: technique breakdown and drills; useful combinations and smooth transitions; shimmy technique and variations; arms, framing, and presentation; hearing and expressing the emotional content of the music; cultural context; choreography; and more.

Scroll down for Pricing and Payment options

ZOOM link is forwarded after 4PM the day of class after payment is received. Thank you!

1) Single Class, paid at least 3 hours prior to class:  $25

Oriental Dance Class

90 minute dance class taught by Karima Nadira: featuring Morocco’s famous Warmup, plus technique, drills, shimmies, and more.


****Or: Monthly Subscriptions as follows, paid by 1st of month:****

ZOOM links are forwarded after 4PM on class days to eligible subscribers.   NOTE:  Due to bookkeeping challenges, there will be NO ROLLOVER of unused classes to the following month, so please choose accordingly.  Thank you!

2) Four Class Subscription per month: $90 

4 Class Subscription

Four 90 minute dance classes taught by Karima Nadira: featuring Morocco’s famous Warmup, plus technique, drills, shimmies, and more. Pick 4 Mondays, or 4 Wednesdays, or mix them up. Eligible for bonus class: see below.


3) Eight Class Subscription per month:  $176 

8 Class Subscription

Eight 90 minute dance classes taught by Karima Nadira: featuring Morocco’s famous Warmup, plus technique, drills, shimmies, and more; Eligible for bonus class; see below.



ZOOM link will be forwarded after 4PM on class days after payment is received. NOTE:  Due to bookkeeping challenges there will be no rollover of unused classes, so please chosose accordingly.

Monthly Subscriber Bonus: In months that have an extra class date (9 instead of 8), subscribers will get that last extra class for free.

Questions? Comments? Email Karima: kahaerter at gmail dot com


 CHECK OUT MOROCCO’S WEBSITE: http://www.casbahdance.org/

Email Morocco:   morocco at casbahdance dot org      

Morocco’s Book:  You Asked Aunt Rocky:  Answers and Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi  is now available directly from Morocco, or  on LULU,  AMAZON, and Barnes & Noble.

Morocco’s Technique manual:  The Fundamental Movement Vocabulary of Raqs Sharqi, is available directly from Rocky, or from Amazon

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