Exploring the magic world of Middle Eastern Dance!


Updated April 18, 2020



Hope everyone is well.  Here are some current and upcoming opportunities to see and maybe participate in some DANCE!

Martha Graham’s Company is doing Martha’s Matinees:  The current one here:
Some very old archival footage of the original dances, followed by a current recreation by the company.
THIS Saturday at 1 pm:  You could be part of this year’s Dance Parade, via Zoom:  Go here for info and to register:
Check out recorded performances from
Baryshnikov Art Center here:
A new one is uploaded every week.
If you just need a breather and can’t get out to a park, check out Brooklyn Botanical Gardens beautiful video of their Japaneses Garden from a few weeks ago – worth every minute of the relaxing 18 minutes!

All the best to you!
Karima Nadira
Hope everyone is well and staying safe in these challenging times. Since no one has any idea when classes might be possible to resume,  and just so you don’t forget to get up and dance now and then, I’ll be periodically posting some links to Middle Eastern music and dance related topics.  Feedback encouraged!
For the first offering, here’s some Middle Eastern Pop just to keep you inspired!
Nancy Ajram:  Ah Wa Noss    Country girl flirts with her suitor.  (Nancy’s videos are typically very young girl- flirtatious, even as she gets older!)
Hakim:  Efred  (filmed in Cairo’s souk)  

Sherine:  Sabry Alil No-nonsense Sherine has “No Patience!”
And for something calming and meditative, you will recognize this elegant slow song from class:
Natacha Atlas: Oully Ya Sahbi  (music only, no video,) 


All the best to you!
Karima Nadira

Email Karima: kahaerter at gmail dot com


 CHECK OUT MOROCCO’S WEBSITE: http://www.casbahdance.org/

Email Morocco:   morocco at casbahdance dot org      

Morocco’s Book:  You Asked Aunt Rocky:  Answers and Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi  is now available directly from Morocco, or  on LULU,  AMAZON, and Barnes & Noble.

Morocco’s Technique manual:  The Fundamental Movement Vocabulary of Raqs Sharqi, is available directly from Rocky, or from Amazon


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