Exploring the magic world of Middle Eastern Dance!


I’ve been dancing since 1980 (jazz), studying Oriental since 1990 with Tanya Gomez, and studying Oriental & North African with world reknowned Morocco, a fabulous and inspiring teacher, dancer, choreographer & devoted researcher, since 1996.  I started performing in 1997, and the following year was a founding member of Synergy (see the Synergy page).  I have been teaching oriental technique classes for Morocco’s Academy of Middle Eastern and North African Dance since 2003.  I have created this site as a single stop for fans and students to know where I am & what I’m up to, and maybe to pass a little fun time checking out the articles and videos.  I have a more complete BIO on the BIO page, to tell you about all the other wonderful teachers and human beings who have inspired me,  in addition to Morocco, on this journey in dance (to mention just a few: my Mom, Michel Issa, Tarik Sultan, Fuad Diab, Raqia Hassan, Khayria Maazin, Dandash, …)

For much more in depth information on Oriental Dance, please don’t hesitate to check out Morocco’s fabulous site:  http://www.casbahdance.org/

And for the best reference on this dance, check out Morocco’s BOOK!

You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Shaabi

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