Exploring the magic world of Middle Eastern Dance!


Karima Nadira – Brief Bio & CV

On my arrival in NY, I became a huge  fan of dance performances, and  subscribed to several dance theatres, for years exposing myself to all kinds of professional, folkloric, and ethnic dance- except Oriental.  Every now and then, though, I would catch a glimpse of Oriental  and found it intriguing, especially the relaxed isolations of various shimmies and hip articulations.  “I’d like do that.”  I remember thinking, fatefully.   In the meantime, I took 3 years of jazz classes at Morelli Ballet (1980-1983).  Then one day a friend invited me to accompany her to an Oriental class she was taking.

Serendipity had brought me to Tanya Gomez, an enthusiastic dancer and teacher whose weekly classes were a delight – but I swore I was only doing it for exercise.  Landing in Morocco’s studio a few years later, I had no choice but to ratchet up my practicing because she insisted I dance in a group number in a recital in her studio.  Yes, they told me later, I looked terrified (my lower lip quivered the whole time), but it was essentially too late to retreat!  I was hooked on the dance!

Practice I did, and by 1997 I was soloing;  a year after that, with 2 other dancers, I co-founded Synergy.  I joined Morocco’s Casbah Dance Experience in 2000, and also began my travels to the Middle East around that time, joining Morocco multiple times for trips to Egypt and Turkey, and also making it to Morocco (the country).  Meanwhile, Morocco convinced me I could teach, and in 2003 I found a new groove to love: helping others discover the joy and beauty of this dance!

Besides all the wonderful teachers listed below, there were countless others who were an inspiration to me in my journey into Oriental Dance; to mention just a few: my Mom, whose own dreams of dancing & traveling originally inspired my own; Michel Issa and Fuad Diab, who provided invaluable insights into their culture; and Antoinette Wolske who first took me to a class at Tanya’s house.   My focus going forward continues to be learning, teaching, and showcasing this dance in a manner honorable to and respectful of its roots in Middle Eastern Culture.  Come join me!


(A Partial List)

Morroco’s Casbah Tent Theatre, NYC

Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Cairo, Egypt

Lafayette Grill, NYC

JeBon, NYC

Drom, NYC: The Ozgen Show 2012

Cleopatra, Brooklyn, NY

Rakkasah East

Tajine, NYC

Bruno Walter Auditorium, Lincoln Center, NYC

The Kooler, NYC


Asamed Shows, NYC

Heifer Benefit, NYC

The Cornerstone, Carlstadt NJ, Yasmina Al Qahira’s Alf Layla

Mitchell’s Bar & Grill, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Bronx Community College, Bronx NY

Canandaigua (Community College), NY

Al Solimaniya, Journal Square., NJ

New School, NYC

Galleries (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY;  Manhattan, Cooper Union, NYC)

Private parties, schools, and cultural institutions.

New Year’s Eve in Anguilla, West Indies

Waldrennach & Langenau, Germany

Juneau, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

Art of the Belly 2012

Boston, April 2012


Primary Teacher and Mentor: 

Morocco (Since 1996 and ongoing)

Tarik Sultan (1996- 2009)

Tonya Gomez  (1990-1995)

Multiple Workshops with the following stellar teachers:

Raqia Hassan



Khariyya Maazin

Farida Seidi

Robyn Friend

Artemis Mourat

Joe Williams (Delsarte)

Sabua (Germany)


Hassan Hamada

Amel Tafsout

Additional Workshops (partial list) with:

Mahmoud Reda

Atesh (Germany)

Kay Hardy Campbell


Tyar Akdeniz


Sema Yildiz

Ahmet Luleci

Laurel Gray

Medea Dahvi

Aida Nour

Mona Said

Farida Fahmy


Aisha Azar

Leila Molei

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