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July 2012

I had too many photos to post here, so I’ve linked to my Photo Galleries.  Enjoy the 4 slideshows!  With more pictures below that.

Where we stayed: Mena House Oberoi/ Giza

Street Scenes

Tannoura (whirling)

Mazaher at Makan

June 2012

Yes!  I’m heading for Raqia Hassan’s Ahlan wa Sahlan at the end of this month!  I’ll be assisting Morocco with her classes, and will take a few too.   Looking forward to seeing my favorite teachers, friends, and places!

Mena House by the pyramids

Magda & Atef

Randa Kamel

Only festival participants can get the hottest tickets in town: Opening Gala Tickets

Khayriyya and Morocco


The main hall becomes a giant costume souk.

Hip scarves galore

At the end, you get a Certificate.






May 2012: Glimpses of dancers in Cairo


Hanadi with Cane

Asmahan’s Entrance

Asmahan on a dinner cruise

Khariyya Mazin



April 2012:  Visiting Cairo, Part 2:   This month I’m sharing some pix of some things not to miss while you’re in Cairo!

Friendly Camel

Sphynx – the postcard view


Tannoura- Fabuous music, incredible whirling

Peek inside the Cairo Museum – when cameras were still allowed

Peek inside the Cairo Museum -when cameras were still allowed

Fine tentmaker goods

Perfume Bottles

One floor of Mahmoud’s 4 story treasure Palace

Mahmoud’s treasure palace



March 2012:    Visiting Cairo,  Egypt NOTE: As you know, Egypt is currently undergoing a revolution involving a massive political reorganization.  While there is still political uncertainty, it has largely been safe to travel there, and our friends who live there report that intrepid travelers will find Egyptians eager and happy to entertain visitors! I thought it would be fun for the next few months to share a few pics of my previous travels to Cairo.  Tourism is a huge part of their GNP, and they are as hospitable as ever.  Friends who were there on a tour a few months ago said that, since tourism is down (due to all the revolutionary news), they were treated like royalty everywhere, and the tourist destinations were all pleasantly uncrowded.

Street Scenes



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