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Class is now on line!

Warm greetings to all! Here’s hoping everyone is keeping safe and strong in these challenging times!  Creating a new “normal” is important to create a support structure in people’s lives, and this includes fun and healthy pursuits like dance!  So since we can’t get back into the actual studio, our classes will be on line via ZOOM going forward!  

Classes follow a format that our current and previous students are familiar with:  Morocco’s famous Warmup (dubbed by some as the “Belly Barre”), followed by workouts including rotating focus on a variety of: drills, combinations, shimmy technique, transitions, expression,  cultural context, choreography, and more.   Initially, Monday and Wednesday evening classes are offered with open enrollment. (See all details on my Classes Page).  This will likely be the case through year’s end.  If demand or need arises, additional classes may be added, class times may be moved, or content may be complemented with additional on line offerings.  We invite you to join us in class and look forward to hearing your feedback! 

Warmest wishes, Karima Nadira