Exploring the magic world of Middle Eastern Dance!


Diane joins Synergy

Synergy is now a TRIO! Welcome, Diane!


Co-founders, Jadana & Karima Nadira, have been dancing together as Synergy since 1998, as well as performing with Morocco’s Casbah Dance Experience, since 2000.   Their enthusiasm & coordination are known for making the  complex layered shimmies of raqs sharqi look easy.  The New York based duo last year added accomplished dancer Diana to the mix.



Jadana Solo 2 images


Diane4SynergyPageCroppedSynergy in action

Karima Nadira & Jadana are Synergy


One response

  1. Edward Easton

    Lookin’ GOOD, Judi!

    November 21, 2015 at 10:43 pm

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